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Mike Bryant

Minnesota Again Makes the Judicial Hellholes List

It has been a little while since Minnesota was on the list, which lead to my last couple of posts: Are Trial Lawyers All Moving To The Legal Hellholes?, Mike Bryant | Jan 5, 2011 Pack the Bags Kids: We […]

Mike Bryant

A Texas Tragedy

A number of us have written about the problems with the Texas tort system. Between Bush and Perry, many consumers have lost constitutionally protected rights:

Texas Tort Reform Harms the…

Mike Bryant

Is Lack of Sleep Affecting Your Work?

I've written about the importance of sleep to driving a number of times:

Drive Safer: Get Some Sleep!, Mike Bryant | April 02, 2012 9:38 AM

Taking A Look at Police Safety, Mike Bryant…

Mike Bryant

Young People Working on The Farm and Safety

We have for years been around farm families. I have hired employees who learned their work ethic on the farm. We have represented people injured on the farm and have figured the loss when outside…

Mike Bryant

Workers' Memorial Day Reminds Us to See Road Construction Workers

This weekend, as part of the Workers Memorial Day remembrance, road construction deaths are being remembered. Since 1960, 33 Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) employees have been…

Mike Bryant

Can We Learn from Pirates?

Last month, I took the boys to the Real Pirates exhibit at the Minnesota Science Museum. It was very much worth the time. It told the story of real pirates and covered them pretty much start to…

Mike Bryant

Increase in Composting Means More Safety

Not everything is an exact science and methods of composting are one of them. Job related deaths have occurred regardless of the procedures set in place for safety. There were three workers who…

Mike Bryant

Fall Means Farmers Are Out In The Fields: They Need To Be Safe

Fall and harvest time is always a time of a lot of activity out in the areas around St Cloud. Like many rural areas around the country, the farmers are in the fields. Research indicates that…

Mike Bryant

Loser Pays: Is it a Part of Justice?

In Minnesota we have a procedure that allows for loser pays. The concern I have always had is that our clients aren’t allowed to sue the insurance company directly, they have to sue the person who…

Mike Bryant

The 10 Year Anniversary of 9/11

I’m sure most Americans who were around can remember many parts of that day. I was on the way back from court and called Joe Crumley, who is now a partner at the firm, to ask if his office was on…