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Child Safety: Melamine In US Baby Formula?

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Previously, I blogged about the possibility of melamine showing up in the United States. Clearly, it’s a large problem in China. Canada has been extra vigilant, finding a number of problems that have been coming into that country from China. But now there is a question of whether US baby formula contains melamine?

Melamine is a plastic that has been put in Chinese products to artificially increase the protein content. Children, especially infants, have been found to be unable to digest the product. As a result, kidney stone like crystals that have developed killing four infants and harmed thousands of others.

The FDA has been in the process of testing 74 baby formulas and have found two samples of Nestle’s Good Start Supreme Infant Formula with Iron tested positive for melamine. There are questions at present as to if the levels are high enough to cause problems, but that they are present should cause any parent concern.