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Food Poisoning: One Day’s Production of Progresso Hearty Tomato Soup Recalled

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In late October, the United States Food and Drug Administration announced that Progresso Hearty Tomato Soup has initiated a nationwide recall of all their 9-ounce Progresso Hearty Tomato soup with the code 19 May10NV VN-3 on the bottom of the can.

Cases of Progresso Light Vegetable and Noodle soup were mislabeled as Progresso Hearty Tomato soup. As a result, the label and picture are different from the contents and contain egg, milk or soy products. Consumption of these products may cause a serious or life-threatening reaction in persons with allergies to egg, milk, and soy.

For information on egg, milk, and soy, three of the nine most common food allergens, the Canadian Dood Administration offers the following websites, visit the Food Allergens web page at www.inspection.gc.ca/english/fssa/labeti/allerg/allerge.shtml.

Consumers who have purchased Progresso Hearty Tomato soup with this code are urged to return it to the place of purchase for a full refund. Consumers requesting refunds or calling with further questions should contact General Mills Consumer Services at 1-800-200-9377.

If you suffer from food poisoning, you need to get immediate medical care. If it continues or there are long term affects, you should contact an attorney concerning the problem. Early investigation can include the collection of samples, checking for health alerts, and the proper notifying of those that caused the problem.