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How Confusing Is This Toyota Mess?

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I wrote yesterday about the hope that maybe Toyota was finally ready to deal with the problems that had been causing it’s historical recalls. Hopefully, that the gas pedal fixes would do what the floor mat removal didn’t. But, now the pedal manufacturer is telling us that it’s not the gas pedel.

In a statement release Friday CTS of Elkhart, Ind., said that it had "deep concern that there is widespread confusion and incorrect information" about its products linked to sudden acceleration.

"The problem of sudden unintended acceleration has been reported to have existed in some Lexus vehicles and Toyota vehicles going back to 1999, when CTS did not even make this product for any customer,"

The president of Safety Research & Strategies, a Rehoboth, Mass., auto-safety consulting company, Sean Kane, went further to say:

"The way the sudden-acceleration problems are occurring in reported incidents doesn’t comport with how this sticky pedal is described…….. We know this recall is a red herring."

This is very bad news. It’s time that Toyota comes clean about what is going on here. With so many dead already and these cars still being on the road, the consumer has to demand answers.