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Just Who Is Suing Toyota?

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The stories continue to come out about all of the lawsuits against Toyota. Many are coming from conservative blogs that are decrying the lawyers who are involved. It’s usually the start of some tort reform diatribe. Lawyers and lawsuits are all bad, blah, blah, blah.

It was interesting to see that there are a number of insurance companies that are suing to get money back. Now, I’m never going to support the idea that people shouldn’t be able to make claims and exercise their constitutional rights, but it is interesting to see the insurance companies in action.

Mark Bello recently wrote about the hypocrisy topic:

Liberty Mutual’s "Responsibility Project": The Ultimate Hypocrisy

You see they want to only have the courthouse for themselves. They want people to be scared of lawsuits so that they can profit off coverage sales and at the same time convince juries that they never ever should pay. They take advantage of delay, deny, defend. Because it’s all about the money.