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Plush Hungry Figures and Magnets Recalled By Weight Watchers


The third week of August, The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Weight Watchers Intl., of New York, N.Y. recalled 420,000 in the United States and 25,000 in Canada plush Hungry figures and Hungry magnets. Sewing needles have been found in the stuffing of the Hungry Figures, posing a puncture hazard to consumers.

The Hungry Figures and Hungry Magnets have orange plush exteriors. The Hungry Figure is about 6 inches long and the Hungry Magnet is about 4 inches long. They were sold by Weight Watchers between April 2009 and July 2009 for between $4 and $7. The products was manufactured by Shanghai Oriland Toys Co. Ltd, of China.

Consumers should immediately stop using the products and return them to Weight Watchers to receive a full refund or a credit toward the purchase of another product. Weight Watchers can be contacted toll-free at (866) 288-3891 or visit at the firm’s Web site at www.weightwatchers.com.

If you or a family member is injured by a product, you need to get immediate medical care. If there is a significant affect or injury, you should contact an attorney concerning the problem. Early investigation can include the collection of product, checking recall alerts, and the proper notifying of those who caused the problem.


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  1. Daniel 8791 says:
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    Finding a needle in a toy or teddy bear would be most unpleasant, glad to see them pulled. It really makes you wonder about products that we are getting from China.

  2. Mike Bryant says:
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    It’s the main reason consumers need more protection from overseas cheap goods. Also, bears that you cuddle with shouldn’t have spikes in them of any type. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.