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Toy Safety: Secondhand Markets Not Part Of New Lead Toy Law

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Here at the Injuryboard, we spent December writing about toy safety. One of the issues that was covered by a number of blogs, was the new lead toy law. There were concerns at that time that some companies would try to dump toys early or would not follow the law. Now there is an additional concern with secondhand markets.

The law was recently loosened for the thrift stores due to concerns with the cost to test each toy. As a result, we have dangerous toys that will be sold in these secondary markets. This should be a great concern for all parents and also seems to be a danger that is targeted more at the poor. While the Consumer Products Safety Commission may have been intended to help smaller stores with this change, clearly they should have required some warning to consumers.

If you are wondering about a certain toy or want more information, take the time to look at HealthyToys.org, which contains features such as a personalized holiday wish list that can be sent to family and friends, and a blog-friendly widget to quickly search for toy ratings.