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Complete Immunity For Big Business Part of Bush Administration’s Attack On Consumer Rights

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The Bush administration has been using federal preemption to create complete immunity for many big business. In a long term research effort by the American Association for Justice, information has been uncovered through the FOIA which document meetings, emails and letters between Bush Administration officials and various businesses. Following these meetings, numerous agencies have made changes to their administration rules to preempt state laws.

The results are a complete loss of state protection for each consumer. These actions circumvent Congressional oversight and provide unprecedented protection for manufactures. In a report from the AAJ, their president stated: “Big business lobbyists have been on a crusade to destroy state consumer protection laws, and further stack the deck against American consumers,”

There is a reason that these changes are being done outside of the view of the consumer. There’s a reason why these companies have been found by the Wall Street Journal to be purposely attempting to evade states protections. All answers are bad news for the consumers.