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Congress Reaffirms And Finances A Better FDA


Search "Food Safety" here at the Injuryboard site and you will find all sorts of alerts. Search "FDA" and you will find the list of failures by the organization over the last eight years. It’s been an underfunded arm of the government that has been asked to look the other way from what has been happening. To actually write laws that make the world less safe for the consumer.

This past week, changes in congress hopefully signals a new direction. The House Energy and Commerce Committee approved legislation that would give the Food and Drug Administration significantly more funding and power to police food safety.

The legislation would give the FDA authority to order food recalls, impose new civil penalties and require companies to follow food-safety standards. It also would require the agency to inspect so-called high-risk food facilities at least once a year and make companies keep detailed records to help the FDA more quickly trace the distribution of tainted foods and track the course of the contamination.

To help fund the work, the bill would require some 378,000 food facilities, including 223,000 overseas, to pay an annual registration fee of $500. The legislation exempts farms that raise meat and poultry and other facilities regulated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture

This is great news for the consumer and will hopefully get the FDA back to what it’s supposed to be doing. Less food problems and quick effective response when something does happen will make a big difference.


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  1. Daniel 8791 says:
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    This couldn’t have come at a better time. Considering the massive number of recalls and food contaminations from all over the country in the last few years, this is exactly what we all need. I believe that even the food companies will be better off for it since they will likely be facing less lawsuits regarding bad products. Thanks for the good news story.

  2. Mike Bryant says:
    up arrow

    It is very much needed. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment