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Diet Safety: FDA Questioning Diet Coke Plus Nutrition Claims

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This past week, the FDA issued a press release warning that Diet Coke Plus doesn’t contain enough nutrients to qualify for use of the word "plus." Foods may use that name only if they contain have at least 10% more nutrients than comparable products. Based on this warning, Coke is being told to correct the mislabeling.

Many news agencies have addressed this topic. Injuryboard member Wayne Parsons, recently covered the breadth of the stories on the topic with his blog: FDA Criticizes Coca-Cola over "Diet Coke Plus" Label.

For all of those who enjoy the product, it’s clear that you aren’t getting what they are claiming you should be. While they continue to promote the advantages of the Diet options vs the regular Coke, it doesn’t seem that Plus is getting you much more than regular Diet soda. I personally will continue on with the option of water.