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Third Minnesota Pharmacist Disciplined For Internet Drug Sales

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In 2006, a 24-year-old Saint Cloud, Minnesota man died the same day as he
filled a 90-tablet prescription for alprazolam through a website pharmacy. At the time of his death only a
few tablets remained in the bottle from the filled prescription. The pills were obtained from the internet
website SOSmeds.com. They were dispensed by Market Pharmacy without any medical
relationship with the man.

As the result of the death, “Justin’s Law” was
passed by the Minnesota Legislature which required a initial face-to-face visited between the patient and a doctor and
outlawed the filling of prescriptions that are not based on a legitimate
medical relationship.

In the latest action be the state Board of Pharmacy the prescription filling Pharmacist was fined
$10,000 and surrendered his licenses. In the previous actions two other
Pharmacists were each suspended and fined $5,000 and $1,000.

A Columbia University study found that 15.2 million
people age 12 and over reported abusing prescription drugs in the past year. At
the same time, there are 70 percent more websites were controlled substances can
be purchased since 2006. Hopefully enforcement of the new law will prevent more deaths.