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Hennepin County Medical Center Looking Deeper into TBI

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In an effort to bring more awareness to traumatic brain injuries (TBI), the Hennepin County Medical Center is taking a more in-depth look into these injuries. An initial press release by HCMC presented some startling statistics:

The average lifetime cost of care for a severe injury is between $1 million and $3 million. For a moderate injury the cost is $941,000. Even for mild trauma it is $85,000. These figures do not include the lost earnings of the injured party or family caregivers. The total cost of TBI to the country is estimated at a staggering $56.3 billion each year. Additionally, men are almost four times more likely to receive a TBI than women. An especially alarming statistic was that the leading cause of TBI was falls, which account for 28% of TBI’s. We have incorporated this statistic heavily into our strategy and tactics. In Minnesota alone, there are over 100,000 TBI’s each year.

For the many people with these injuries this kind of exposure and research is important. While several places deal with the problem in Minnesota, it is exciting to know that more help may be on the way. It also may lead to increased education and prevention. The simple information of how many children are injured in sports, might reduce the causes with more understanding.

At our firm, we regularly deal with clients and their families after a person has suffered a TBI in an accident. While there are a number of places that can help, the sheer change and complications caused by the injury can be overwhelming. It is also important that experienced attorneys be hired to fully document and present all of the ramifications of the loss.