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Austin Bus Collision Update: There Could Have Been A Semi Involved (update)


I have been fallowing this collision since it happened:

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This week, the Minnesota State Patrol released their 309 page report. Which when you look at how much was involved and the many things they are working on, is about right as far as timing. Of interest, the report found that there was almost a semi involved:

That the bus, when it veered across the westbound lanes of Interstate 90, barely missed colliding with an oncoming semitrailer.

The description of the collision itself was especially informative:

Erickson slumped forward and to the left, steering the bus off the road and into the median; the bus went across the median and through the westbound lanes — the bus crossed those lanes airborne, according to witnesses — and finally came to rest on its passenger side in the opposite ditch.

Two were killed and three were seriously injured. A semi collision wouldn’t have made for less injuries and loss. It’s an example of how many factors come into play in what happens with these collisions. While the report may not lesson the loss for the family and friends of those that died, hopefully it will comfort them to know what happened.

Update : what happened with the case?

Minnesota I-90 Bus Rollover Settled, Charles James (Jim) Suk | September 16, 2011 5:30 PM


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  1. Truckie D says:
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    Was the semi not involved perhaps because the truck’s driver was alert, well trained, and reacted correctly to avoid crashing?

  2. Mike Bryant says:
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    That may have played a role, either way it was something good about this tragic event. Thanks for reading and commenting.