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Fishing Opener: Think About Getting The Boat Safely From The Road To The Water

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The fishing opener is off and running. There will be all sorts of stories about what the Governor caught and maybe if his wife will catch more then he does again. Hopefully, everyone will have gotten out on the water safety.

I seen a number of cases that arise from the lack of safety as the boat is transported. Those cases can be tragedies as trailers come loose or don’t have proper lights. These are cases that are easily preventable.

The Minneapolis Tribune recently had a great list to walk through:

  • What is the trailer’s tongue weight (when fully loaded)?
  • How much does your trailer weigh (when fully loaded)?
  • What class of hitch does your tow vehicle contain? Is it sufficient for the trailer size being pulled?
  • Does your trailer require brakes and have they been maintained recently?
  • When was the last time you added grease to the wheel bearings?

I would add the need for light checks and making sure the electrical connection is secure.

These are checks that will make for a safer trip. Hopefully, everyone will get there and do so safely.