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Over 100 Passengers Sickened On Vacation Cruise

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This weekend, a Holland Cruise liner returned to San Diego when over a 100 passengers became sick the first night of a two week trip to the Mexican Riviera. 2,600 passengers were on the MS Oosterdam at the time of the return to port. A Code Red was declared when passengers and crew members got the norovirus, a stomach flu that made them sick with diarrhea, vomiting, and other symptoms.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) was contacted, as they are to be called anytime two percent of passengers get sick. In this situation, more than 5% of the passengers became sick. The CDC estimates that 23 million people, or 8-percent, of the country’s population get symptoms of the norovirus yearly. As a result of the symptoms, passengers were confined to their cabins and the ship returned to dock for a complete cleaning.

If your or a family member has been injured on a cruise, keep in mind Injuryboard member, Gerry McGill’s tips about checking the tickets to see what conditions the cruise requires in order to make a claim and that there is very limited time in which to make a claim.