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Plea Entered In 2008 Albertville Bus Crash

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Over a year ago, I wrote about the April 2008 bus crash that was on it’s way back from a high school four-day cultural tour of Chicago. The bus crashed at 5:45 a.m. The bus was traveling along the Highway 94 when it left the road and flipped over. Many of the students were injured and one was killed.

Driver Of Bus That Crashed In Albertville Admits To Being Tired, Mike Bryant | November 12, 2008 8:29 PM

This past week the driver entered into a plea agreement. Loren Duane Ernst, 70, of Moorhead was charged in Weishair’s death, along with other charges for causing harm to three dozen other students in that crash.

WCCO reported that:

Investigators with the State Patrol said Ernst was way too tired to be driving that morning. According to the criminal complaint, he had three hours of sleep, at the most, during the previous 24 hours and was dozing off during the trip.

While this may be of small consolation to the teenagers family and friends, it is hoped that they do finds some bit of closure on what has been a very long ordeal. It also is hoped that we insure that the drivers of these buses do so with enough sleep and safely.