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University of Minnesota Medical School Considering A Ban On Gifts

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Following a recent series of articles in both the Minneapolis Tribune and the Wall Street Journal, the University is looking at banning all gifts to the doctors from outside groups. Looking at the issue both from the value and the quality of what may be received, the board looking at the issue seems to be coming to a conclusion that a complete ban is the safest way to protect the institution’s integrity.

The policy would be so strict that it would prohibit the receipt of Post-it notes. While some are concerned that limits on free drug samples and loss of support for doctors’ continuing medical education might have some negative impacts, the concerns about what is expected in return out weigh the losses.

Doctors’ consulting relationships will be disclosed to patients and all financial ties will be closely monitored. As was pointed out by the prior articles, this could have a significant impact on a number of the doctors. It is expected that there will be a settled rule by the end of the semester.