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Death By Mistake Map Again Points Out The Successful Minnesota System

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A number of times I’ve blogged about the benefits of the Minnesota medical legal system. The expert affidavit rule requires a case to have affirmed medical support before it can go forward. The numbers show that malpractice premiums are low in the state. The number of cases are small. The system works.

The Death by Mistake series from the Hearst papers points out another good thing about the system. In a time when the reporting of medical adverse events is so very vital, Minnesota is one of the few state that is doing it. Check out your state on the websites map.

This leads to the question no tort reformer will want to hear the answer to:

Why are malpractice case down and premiums low in a state that the doctors have to report what is done wrong? Is it because they have to tell?

Seems to me this is an effective way to run a system. The idea of using phony damage caps and nondisclosure to hide adverse events is something that the consumer shouldn’t have to stand for. Unfortunately , looking at the Death By Mistake website it looks like many users of these hospitals aren’t walking out.