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I Can Understand Civil Unrest But Why Vote For Past Mistakes?

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Like elections of the past, 2010 is another big year for consumers. The questions that need to be asked are: What is best to move the country forward? How do we protect our families? What does it mean to have safe products and food?

The Republicans have come forward with a "New Pledge" Read the thing, sounds a lot like the stuff they were proposing back with the "Contract with America". A lot like what they were using to drive the economy into the garbage last time they had control.

What is it:

- Tort reform. Yep ignore the 7th Amendment and let’s take personal responsibility out of the system by protecting those at fault.

- Tax Breaks- for those who pay for their elections. Remember, that tax break during the funding of the unjustified war? The one where "Victory" was obtained.

- New rules- which really don’t do anything to the leadership, which is always interesting. Remember the last time some of these long time politicians ran, they were actually supporting tort reform.

But, when it’s all said and done what I really don’t understand is that they plan to put John Boehner back in charge. Why in the heck do they think the answer is old leadership that failed once before?

There is absolutely no new answers there. The Pledge itself is a great example of how old the playbook is. Looking forward means not taking this step back.