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Little More Cracks in Hot Coffee Truth.Com

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I was made aware of a recent awesome opportunity that the students of University of Pennsylvania Law School had to hear Susan Saladoff, the director of Hot Coffee and Victor Schwartz, General Counsel for the American Tort Reform Association talk about the movie Hot Coffee. The event was set up by Legal Examiner member Scott Cooper.

When I heard about the event, I was really looking forward to seeing what Schwartz would have to say, because he has always said he was misquoted in the movie. What better chance than this would he have to say " Here is what I really said"? Guess what? Not a peep.

Instead he reiterates the garbage from Hot Coffee Truth. Com, but with every attempt he makes to explain the reasoning, you can easily see the problems, which I pointed out when I reviewed the website clips. Plus, with Susan available to actually answer the claims, he really came off as being even weaker than usual.

I think after all the chances, there really isn't anything to his claim that he was misquoted. Just as there is very little intellectually honest about the arguments they are making in response to Hot Coffee the movie.

The movie gets to the truth and they don't like it.

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