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Mayo Clinic Medical Malpractice Trial Reaches Midway Point

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A medical malpractice lawsuit alleging Mayo Clinic doctors were negligent in their care of an infant eleven years ago that left her with permanent brain damage – has reached midway point.

On Thursday the attorney representing the girl’s family called his last witness, the child’s adoptive mother.

Moments later attorneys representing Mayo Clinic called their first witness, a pediatric orthopedic surgeon who denies any wrongdoing by himself or colleagues that treated the girl in the weeks prior to her coming to the Mayo Clinic emergency room in critical condition with multiple skull and rib fractures.

Jurors have listened to witness testimony all week that Mayo doctors were negligent and failed to report suspected child abuse when 3-week-old Nykkole was brought to Saint Mary’s emergency room with a history of vomiting.

Each side agrees that the person responsible for injuring the child was her biological father, who has been convicted in criminal court. Both sides, however, do not agree that Mayo doctors are negligent and guilty of medical malpractice.