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Minnesota Medical Liability Insurance Premiums Lowest In The Country

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This month, the American Medical Association News found that medical liability insurance premiums have reduced nationwide, with 93% of companies reporting stable or reduced rates in 2008. It also found that Minnesota had the lowest rates in the whole country.

The figures from the annual Medical Liability Monitor survey showed that 43% of premiums fell — 12% more than in 2007. Another 50% of rates did not change in 2008, a slight drop from 53% the prior year, according to the report, which tracks how much liability insurers charge physicians.

With all the national stories about rising health costs, this is great news. It also it is hard evidence that much of the tort reform talk of rising premium costs is wholly unsupported.

It’s also important to point out that Minnesota has good affidavit laws that require a medical expert to certify that a claim is viable in order for a case to go forward. We don’t use artificial damage caps or a system that simply bars claims. Other states should look at what’s working and make sure that injured patients maintain all of their rights at all times.