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More Than Just Lip Service To The 7th Amendment

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During the campaign, and now that they have been in office, a lot of politicians are talking about the United States Constitution. It’s a beautiful document that is filled with political philosophy that is the fabric of our country. There was the historic reading on the first day of the new Congress:


I wonder if they were listening when they got to the 7th Amendment. I found a high school student reading it for his class project:


I’ve been reading a lot of great discussions about this same issue:

From the Seventh Amendment Advocate we have both:

Republican Committee Chairman Defies Leadership & History, Trusts CBO’s Guesswork on "Medmal Reform" and

Trial Lawyers’ Group President Urges New Congress to Support 7th Amendment

From The Volokh Conspiracy :

Thereby Supporting the Case for Reading the Constitution in Congress

From PopTorts:

Note to Congress: It’s The Seventh Amendment, Stupid!

Here at the Injuryboard:

Are Enemies of 7th Amendment Outraged About This Frivolous Defense? Michael Phelan | October 15, 2009 10:29 AM


Protecting the Civil Justice System Should be a Conservative Priority

Jeremy Thurman | October 05, 2010 3:10 PM

Finally, there is American Association for Justice President and Injuryboard member Gibson Vance in the Huffington Post with : Constitutional Conservatives and the 7th Amendment

The point seems crystal clear:


The Constitution gives us certain rights that aren’t there to be dolled out in little pieces. We hear those who have no doubt about all of the protections of the first or second amendments. It’s time that their actions supported the rhetoric.