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Round Up: Why aren’t Conservatives Concerned About Consumer Protections and Ripoffs?

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I am always interested in all of the citizen legislature talk and how this new group of politicians is fighting for the average person. The campaign contributions and the legislation that they support seems to suggest otherwise. But maybe they just need some suggestions for things to look at:

- How about the obnoxious fees that the banks are charging the unemployed that get unemployment benefits on debit cards. Inquire fees look like waste to me.

- Both Steve Lombardi and Brooks Schuelke talk about the Texas unsafe veto of the texting and driving law by Governor Perry.

- If they really want to protect people why not look at the statute of limitation in clergy abuse case. You have fraud, innocent children, and horrific damages.

- Take a look at the number of children injured in bounce houses and if nothing else quit letting anyone give away their protections.

It’s a great way to really get rid of personal injury lawyers and save people. Safety would reduce claims and makes a lot of sense.