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The New Health Care Bill Will Cost You 100 Billion Dollars A Minute

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Not really. But, thought I would start with that headline and see how many tort deform tweets start calling it true. It’s basically what the Health Insurance companies did with their phony report. I think I counted 100 tweets and 50 blog posts about the insurance report that claimed that the new Heath Insurance bill would cost each family thousands of dollars a year. Republicans were reported to actually be overjoyed. Mind you, the insurance industry that suddenly came up with this report met with the President last week and never said a thing about it. The problem with the report is that it wasn’t true.

Price Waterhouse admitted today : It did not factor in the effect of Government subsidies.

Using all of the numbers, Mr. Gruber a health care economist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, reached the opposite conclusion of the insurance industry. Yes, figure in what they left out and people could save money.

The Health Insurance Companies Cooked the books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shocking to anyone that deals with insurance companies? No not really. They love the frivolous defense. Will the tweets and blogs now post a retraction? I doubt it. I would guess Fox will still be talking about the study for the next year. Just another example of who is on what side.