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What A Odd Day In The U S House

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I have been spending the day watching the House debate. It amazes me how weird this debate has gotten:

- There is a group that just loves tort reform, that keeps getting up and calling for law suits because of States Rights violations in the bill.

- a Congressman calling earmarks bribery and at the same time he has asked for them.

- The is such incivility being show. The yelling and even cheering when a protester made it to the floor.

- I am amazed at the group that is mocking the use of the rules, while they seem to be using every rule they can.

- A group that has claimed they haven’t been heard keeps getting up and talking. Why not take advantage of the time?

- Most of all, I’m confused by the claim that this bill is going to kill those that vote for it, while those that are opposed, seem to be fighting for their lives.