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Why Do Tort Reformers Want To Cut Healthcare Coverage?

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I have been watching the debates over at the state capitol about the state paying for healthcare. It seems that the poor have almost no one fighting for them. Each new proposal is to take away another program. It’s usually a cost issue or an underlying "there’s no right" argument.

The legislators are often the same ones who seem to be running the tort reform wagon. Here you have situations where they shield the people responsible. They shift the responsibility for medical bills and lost wages onto society and away from the defendants.

I simply don’t see anything consistent about those potions. To say nothing, about there is actually is a constitutional right to have a civil redress. That pesky 7th amendment they pay no attention to.

Maybe it is all just simply a "screw the poor" issue. If that’s the case, let’s get away from the rhetoric and get down to what is really being done. It’s easier to just accept that the rich and powerful give you contributions and that’s who you represent. At least the hypocrisy would disappear.