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2013 was about development in a number of ways.   We did more Twin Cities Radio. We got involved in Stryker Hip cases and,  with Child Victims Safety Act, we grew in our involvement with the protection of survivors.    We did many no faults and settled a number of auto cases.   We also had a number of trials.   Two of our lawyers left,  one to become a judge  (Andy Pearson),  and another to join her husband in Duluth.  So maybe as much as development, it was change.


On to a New Year and 2014.

I hope to:

  •  Do my best to represent the clients I have.
  • To deserve the honor of the new ones who hire me.
  • To   hopefully get rid of this cough.
  • To attend more classes this year to keep getting better in the classroom
  • Keep writing blogs  (after taking a couple of month break this past year)
  • Work for a better year overall  with more stability and certainty.

This is my work  and I will admit that there are separate lists for my family and me personally.   However, I doubt many of you are worrying about hoe much I workout or what I eat.

Thank you for reading this past year,  I hope to give you much more to think about in 2014!