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Bachmann Was For It, Before She Was Against It

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U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann seems to be at it again. She’s been the leading opponent of earmarks on all the usual talking news shows. Clearly, it’s an evil practice that must be stopped and is leading to the ruination of the country. But wait, She was part of the $3.8 million in earmarks that came to her district last year.

Will she ever learn? I am not for wasteful spending of any sort, but her outright condemning of a practice, she has used, is just another example of her hypocrisy. Maybe today we will see a round of "I never said they were always bad" type media from her.

Earmarks play a role in getting money for individual districts. When used correctly, those monies will build bridges, roads and be of great benefit to the people. I am always bemused when a member of the minority party comes out and says they won’t use earmarks. It’s not like they are at the top of the list any way. But, when you are the leader of the movement , maybe you should have checked to see whats in your wallet.