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Chamber Of Commerce Continues Anti Consumer Attacks

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After spending millions of dollars on lobbying efforts, pouring money in to conservative candidates/campaigns across the country, and contributing to the greatest economic downturn in our lifetime, the Chamber of Commerce is now back with the same old message. Give big business more freedom.

Yes, the choir of deregulation and free trade, which has recently gone to Washington like panhandlers , is unleashing a radio campaign across the country calling for increased tort reform. To take rights away from the average consumer and give business’s freedom from responsibility.

The gall of these messages is only matched by their unrepentant involvement in what they’ve done to our country. The total lack of responsibility. Sure they want to get rid of lawsuits. They don’t want anyone looking over their shoulders. They don’t want those injured to have remedies to protect them. More corporate freedom will mean only less protections for all Americans.

Minnesota has a good system for consumers. At the same time, it’s been found to have a good climate for businesses. Don’t let those who have shown little interest in doing anything other than to profit at the expense of anything else, get away with more attacks on Consumer rights.