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Consumers Beware: Less Auditors Is Leading To More Fraud

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With the continued state budget cuts, 30 percent of the State Department Of Finance has been lost. This means less governmental over site at a time when fraud seems to be expanding. The Injuryboard members have been looking at the mortgage issues across the nation for some time. Peter Kiesel has done an extensive number of blogs on the various business fraud issues. Clearly, the average consumer needs more help than they are getting.

With some of the governmental examples, it’s going to be important that we continue to ask our elected officials to put an end to fraudulent practices. For the cases that directly affect each consumer, we need to make sure that the doors of the courts stay open and that each consumer goes to experienced lawyers who can help them protect their rights.

Troubling economic times demand that the system protect each and every consumer. Especially when the government agencies may not be able to protect us.