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Give to The Max Day!

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November the 16th is the day to give in Minnesota. Why is that?

The Great Minnesota Give Together

Benefits to Nonprofits

  • Get in front of more supporters. GiveMN’s search function will help nonprofits of all sizes reach thousands of new potential donors.
  • Reduce fundraising costs. Raising $1 online costs 7 cents, as opposed to 20 cents for grant writing or up to $1.25 to acquire new donors through direct mail.
  • Increase giving. Fun and compelling campaigns will engage new givers and inspire current givers to donate even more.

Benefits to Donors

  • Find, learn about and contribute to local and national programs that support the causes in which they believe.
  • Become more organized. GiveMN provides the ability to record all online and offline contributions and store receipts.
  • Make online donations quickly and easily to any U.S.-registered 501 (c) (3) by credit card.
  • Take advantage of new charitable capabilities. Through GiveMN, users will be able to leverage flexible tools that can be used to support and promote the causes donors most care

Give local. Find your perfect Minnesotan match, whether you want to help cure cancer, fight illiteracy or feed the hungry.
• Give fast. Make online donations quickly and easily via credit card to any U.S. nonprofit.
• Give smart. Record all online and offline contributions and store receipts.

Hopefully, everyone will get into the day and help their favorite charities raise a lot of money. It’s easy and a great way to help.