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Minnesota 2012 Judicial Elections

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Even with all the other elections going on, there are still judicial elections to consider. The Minnesota Bar Association has added a website so that consumers can get information on each of the candidates.

The Academy of Certified Trial Lawyers, of which I am a member , is now out with our endorsements:

Chief Justice Minnesota Supreme Court: Lorie Skjerven Gildea
Minnesota Supreme Court -
Associate Justice Seat 1:
Barry Anderson
Minnesota Supreme Court -
Associate Justice Seat 4:
David R. Stras
First Judicial District – Scott County: Diane M Hanson
First Judicial District – Dakota County: Kathryn Messerich
Fourth Judicial District: Ms. Elizabeth V. Cutter

These are elections that affect each of our daily lives as much as any of the others. There still hasn't been to0 much money spent on Judicial races in this state, as compared to some of the battles that have taken place elsewhere. It is important that we maintain an independent judiciary that is responsive to the rights of all consumers. The election of levelheaded judges contributes to that effort.