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New Year Greetings

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Each New Year brings with it the challenges created by the past and the hope of something new. We have incredible changes coming with the new leadership of America. At the same time, we face what may be the most troubling economic times of our lives.

As we start the New Year today, hopefully each and every one of us can look toward the possibilities. Understand that with great problems also come great opportunities to achieve great things. We have always been a country of ingenuity and always up to the tasks we’ve faced. Dwelling on the problems of the past may give us some perspective, but they also keep us from moving forward.

Each and every one of us should commit to:

1) Making this a better year

2) Looking to the opportunities to help those around us.

3) Moving away from the politics of division and hate.

4) Living each day with all the joy and happiness that is there when we look for it.

For each of our Injuryboard readers, my wish is a bigger, better, and happy 2009.