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Norm Coleman's Letter As Disingenuous As He Has Always Been

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I’ve written a number of times about Norm Coleman’s flip flops. It’s been interesting to watch him change parties, votes and even beliefs. His latest open letter to Al Franken may be an all time change, even for him. Read the letter and it seems like it was written by one of the Founding Fathers. The belief that every vote is sacred, shines through. But, a close look and a reflection on what he’s said over time almost makes this letter laughable.

- First let’s remember that he had no problem with those absentee voters that voted for Paul Wellstone being disenfrachised in his first election.

- The day after this election he asked Frankin to do the Minnesotan thing and give up the fight.

- After years of being a propionate of tort reform that takes away peoples legal options , he heads right to court when he’s not happy with the recount.

- He seems to forget in the letter that the recount was automatic and that he agreed to the way it was done. That through out the recount, he has never once taken the position that all votes should be counted.

- He used the interesting statement that Franken may not agree for "tactical reasons" when his whole legal defense has been making tactical moves to set things up for the federal court lawsuit that will follow.

I have always believed that every voted should be counted. It seems that they were counted the night of the election. As was legally required, they were recounted and scrutinized by all parties involved with the recount. So what has it been 3 maybe for times counted?

Each side wants to win. It would be honest for Coleman to just say that. But, does Coleman really expect us to believe this letter came from anywhere other than his ever changing belief of the day? "we would at least ask that your campaign does nothing" Please.