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Pottermore: What is it?

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Just watched the exclusive Pottermore announcement. You have to admire the idea and the imagination. J.K. Rowling has created something that will continue to grow. The offer is that fans of all ages will help in developing the story from here. She also promises that she will disclose more of what she was thinking with the story.


Having been to Harry Potter World in Orlando, I have to agree that she really has created a story well beyond the pages of the books. I look forward to see where this goes from here.

The conclusion calls for a limited few to gain access by "following the owl" . The rest will have to wait until October. I will be very interested in what those that are able to break the code find.

So we have the movie coming out soon. Thanks J.K. Rowling for giving us something else to look forward too. I’m excited by the idea of getting more people involved with reading.