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Today’s Question: What if I am Charged with a Crime?

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During this week of June, I am addressing common questions that get asked in our practice. Today's Question is: What should I do if I am charged with a crime?

You should always talk to an attorney. We will talk to people without a charge for the initial consultation. It is important that the police report be reviewed, and all the facts be covered to see whether or not you should have been charged, or if you were charged under the right law. It is a chance to get your basic questions answered, and to review what the penalties are, whether they be jail time and/or fines. The more severe the charge, the more important it is that you talk to someone knowledgeable about what can be done.

These questions are not intended to replace a consultation with an attorney, nor do they take into consideration facts that may differ about your particular case. Here at the Injuryboard, we have experienced attorneys who can deal with your individual questions and best help you with your case. Feel free to get the help you need by contacting one of us.