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Rising Health Care Costs Double Since 1999

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With all of the nation’s eyes wearily on what will happen with the bailout, there really isn’t a lot that many average people can do. At the same time, there were two studies that came out Wednesday that suggest there may be even great concern for personal finances.

The Kaiser Family Foundation reported that health care costs have doubled since 1999. The Center for Studying Health System Change found that employer-based health insurance premiums for a family were now on average $12,680 per year and that each worker’s portion has doubled from 1999 at about $3,354 a year.

Mike Ferrara previously discussed on these blogs the issue of why the Congress should look at the health insurance the same way they are addressing the bailout. It is true, that for many Americans, these study findings will be directly seen in each reduced paycheck. Hopefully we will take care of the poor and injured in way that a civilized, caring, and progressive nation should .