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Round Up: Interesting Heath Issues as of Late

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I came across some interesting stuff to pass along:

- ABC News suggests that 15 minutes of exercise a day can add 3 years to your life.

- Get caught going over 100 MPH in Minnesota? You might be losing your insurance coverage.

- They are seeing a link to the return of sleep apnea with the end of treatment.

- Free heath clinics are seeing phenomenal numbers of uninsured people.

- As the heat continues, we need to always make sure that kids are protected. The suggestions from ABC Health:

Have trained personnel and facilities to respond quickly to heat illness at all youth sports activities or vigorous exercise

Graduated exposure to physical activity in the heat to ensure appropriate and progressive acclimatization

Ready access to appropriate fluids and consumption at regular intervals before, during, and after activities

Modification of physical activity in response to environmental heat stress (air temperature, humidity, and solar radiation)

Training for supervisory staff to facilitate quick and appropriate response to symptoms of heat illness

Development of an emergency action plan with clearly defined written protocols

Allow for adequate rest and recovery (two hours or more between same-day contests or activities)

Cancel or reschedule activities, if necessary, during high-risk environmental conditions

- Kids heading back to school? Let’s start the day with fiber and protein.