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Short Sighted Political Expedience Should Never Rule The Day

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I was listening to a speaker last week who reminded us of how it wasn’t that long ago when citizen’s constitutional right to trail didn’t depend on what party was in control. When each election didn’t signal an opening or closing of the courthouse doors depending on who got power. Sure, the politics of Bush/Rove took them a long way with the lawyer bashing, but is everyone better off because of it?

I look at this in the same manner with the problems they are having with the now open Senate seat in Massachusetts. A law was passed when John Kerry ran for president, that would have prevented then Governor Mitt Romney from appointing the replacement. Now there is Senator Kennedy’s death and a replacement can’t be appointed.

All short sighted politics which are simply done because of partisan interests over consumer rights. Hopefully, the politics of change will recognize the difference. There is much more to what happens in Washington and locally than the next election in two, four, or six years. It’s time that people demanded it.