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The U S Chamber Has Now Gone In To The Movie Trailer Fantasy World

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For awhile I’ve been pointing out the various emails that the U S Chamber has been sending out and the questionable frivolous claims they make. Apparently, the next move is to buy time as a part of movie trailers. If I remember the sales pitch of the movie theaters correct : "it’s a locked in audience that has nothing else to do but watch. So the memory rate is 80 percent" or something like that. Personally, it seems like the time people use to not be late and to start on a healthy bite out of popcorn.

Now instead of what movies are on the way , we may be seeing the latest distorted view of the "sky is falling". Hand picked stories that will be used to convince people that lawsuits are everywhere and all trial lawyers should be hunted down. Now of course these commercials will use the story of what they call a bad lawsuit and ask for a remedy of damage caps and limits on the consumers rights to bring claims. Basically, it’s playing a tape of an early season grapefruit baseball game and eliminating the World Series.

In response, a spokesman for the American Association for Justice , Ray DeLorenzi, pointed out. “With U.S. Chamber’s core membership receiving all those taxpayer bailouts, they must be flush with cash to waste on PR stunts like this. Like their lobbying agenda, these ads are rated NC – not suitable for consumers.” Hopefully, anyone subjected to this tripe will see it for what it is.