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Very Interesting Exchange About Helmets

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Motorcycle helmets is an issue that brings out a lot of passions on both sides. We have represented enough riders who feel strongly about the freedom issue to understand that the passion is deeply felt. It has been interesting to watch the exchange that recently came up with the issue.

Fairwarning recently wrote about the topic. They are someone I read often and have written about a number of times. I actually noted this story in my Google reader before I knew it was going to get interesting. The point I have found with them is that their overall goal is to save lives. That being said, it does seem that they were very harsh in their report that motorcycle groups were "muzzling regulators". That would only make sense if something was being done in secret or that this hadn't been a long standing fight. The riders aren't muzzling anyone in any way that is different from any major fight going on out there over a major policy issue.

In response, Jeff Hennie, Vice President of Government Relations and Public Affairs for the Motorcycle Riders Foundation, called for members to comment on the article. Looking at the article, it appears that a number of them responded.

Reading the exchanges runs between the usual bunch of odd comments, but when you look beyond that, it's filled with the heart of the issues that make up this debate. It explains the position of freedom that many riders absolutely live for. I find it interesting how many obvious non-riders comment in a manner that is truly hostile to any other message involved.

I am assured that each rider has considered the possibility of wearing a helmet. Those who choose not to have very deep felt reasons.