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Washington Intoxilyzer Issues Should Cause Concerns For All Law Enforcement

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We have posted here before about the issues going on with the intoxilyzer here in Minnesota. Because of that, a recent story in the Washington Post caught my eye. Apparently, 400 people were convicted of driving while intoxicated in the District since fall 2008 based on inaccurate results from breath test machines.

These people were prosecuted on bad evidence. It is unfortunate how much faith has been put in machines. Seems like if they can manipulate the results or are counting on results that can’t be explained we have serious issues with people that are really not being Presumed Innocent.

These machines have in the past been given almost Solomon like authority in many court systems. It’s time that we get to the bottom of what these machines are really spitting out. Just another reminder why you need to talk to experienced attorneys when you have been criminally charged. This is a very complicated and ever changing area of the law, so you need to have your questions answered.