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What Can We Learn from The Olympics?

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It won't be long until the Olympics will be starting. It's always fun to watch the opening ceremonies and see how much each host city has done to get ready. Then in a very short time, the closing ceremonies are upon us and we will be waiting for the Winter Olympics to get here.

In between, we will see feats of physical wonder that are beyond most of us. We will also see those who fail in the heat of pressure. There will be those who will be injured as they ask more of their bodies than they are able to produce. It's amazing looking at the highs and lows that the human body will be able to produce.

I tend to try to watch as much as possible. Getting temporarily into sports that I usually would never watch. But to cheer on an American or an individual who's story has caught my eye, I will be watching gymnastics, beach volleyball, or shooting.

Each of these stories give us a chance to see what can be accomplished. How dedication and desire can push each of us beyond our comfort zones. How a dream can become reality if given the proper time and direction.

It really is a chance to see the good in the human spirit. Despite the tragedies of the Olympics, each one produces a story that should give every one of us hope.