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What Is The Math In The U S Senate? 50, 60, or 1?

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We have been hearing all about the affect the Massachusetts senate election is having because the Democrats no longer have the 60 votes to get past cloture. So instead of a simple majority of 50 passing anything, it takes 10 more votes? It really makes no sense.

But now there is a new issue. It’s called "the hold", where one senator is able of prevent votes from happening. At this time, one Alabama Senator is putting a blanket hold on all of the federal judge nominations. Yep, one person is doing this.

This makes no sense. The understanding is that he is looking for federal funding for defense projects for Alabama. Now, I’m sure George Will is all set to talk about how it’s been done before. But, I would defy anyone to come up with any example this extreme. This "say no" garbage has got to stop.