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Why Do Anti-Government Politicians Hang On To Their Jobs So Dearly?

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It was interesting when the anti-government group first started to get elected. Their mantra of term limits, new ways, and less government was very interesting to so many voters. The "Contract With America" was their blue print for success. But, what has happened to the group? Seems like so many of them just can’t wait to cash their next government check. What happened to to the talk of term limits? I guess a couple more Democrat victories and we will hear about them again. But, with the way they raise money and fight for their jobs, they really don’t want to get off the dole.

The recent health care debate got me thinking about this topic. It’s been sad to see the issue so politicized. For a number of people, it really is just an attempt to weaken the President and to spout a very odd agenda. To somehow proclaim victory or a waterloo. This is just silly. Weren’t they in power not that long ago? Why didn’t they implement their ideas on health care?

The thing is that there are so many who only want to get elected. It isn’t about any issue. It’s about them. I guess it really should be a surprise to see not a single Republican really supporting heath care reform. They need to pander to health insurance companies, the HMO’s, and big business. It’s time to get over this anti consumer plan and start talking about change that will work for everyone. No one single election is really that important, or at least with their earlier statements, really shouldn’t be.