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Will Congress Give Insurance Companies A Sweet Dream Happy Ending With A Cherry On Top?

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The one thing about the changes in congress is that we are unlikely to see the typical "Stop the Trial Lawyers from getting dream bill passed" from the U S Chamber and the usual tort reform groups. You read those articles and for the most part they involve some weird little issue that really comes nowhere near any person’s dreams.

But, now we have the other type of heading.

Changes on Hill bode ill for trial lawyers

I would bet you could easily substitute consumers or Constitution for trial lawyers.

Reading the Washington Times article we have:

  • Republicans poised to take control of the U.S. House and state governments across the country next month are sending clear messages that an overhaul of the nation’s tort and liability laws is a top priority
  • Among the new GOP power brokers is Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas, the incoming chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and a strong believer that liability lawsuits are major contributors to escalating health care costs.

Read these parts a couple of times and you really get to the answer on why trial lawyers don’t support this group. Imagine the headlines if anyone would have suggested that trial lawyers be involved in the expansion of torts and that is anywhere near a top 50 issue.

It is clear that this group forgets what is in the Constitution and really is in the pockets of insurance companies and big business.

It is ridiculous for many reasons to suggest that tort reform is anywhere near a top ten issue for the country, unless you are helping one of the pigs at the trough who care only about money and nothing about responsibility.