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WSJ Taken To Task For Coleman Support

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This week, the Wall Street Journal editorial board took it upon themselves to come to the defense of Norm Coleman’s bid for another 6 years. Their target was the Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie and the canvassing board. Like Coleman, they seem to write about wanting a fair system, but also like his appeal to the courts, it’s really about wanting to gerrymander the vote to come up with some total that supports Coleman winning.
Politics Done Right did a good point-by-point analysis of their claims. It seems quite clear that they didn’t check those facts and that an evident bias was shining through. This is well worth the read if you took the time to read the WSJ.
Also weighting in is Judge Edward Cleary, a member of the canvassing board. His responsive letter to the editor clearly points out how many issues come up with this article. The board worked hard and they followed the law. Earlier than that, hard working county auditors and staff members did their very best. All of them shouldn’t be attacked for their public service.