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Driver Who Runs Over Motorcyclist Was Reaching For Her Cell Charger


Misdemeanor charges were files against a woman who ran over a motorcyclist last year. The Ramsey County attorney’s office looked at felony charges, but concluded that her actions didn’t rise to that level. The driver was traveling at highway speeds along 94 when she reached for her cell phone charger. The cyclist was was on the left shoulder, stopped do to a back up ahead.

The Minneapolis Tribune reported the actions as:

Lucas, driving a Jeep Cherokee, was in the left lane and closing in on a lunch-hour traffic jam at nearly 55 miles per hour. She then looked down "in an effort to grab a cell phone charger." Once she looked up and realized she couldn’t stop in time to avoid a car in her lane, Lucas slammed on her brakes, clipped the car, veered into the left shoulder and struck Davis’ motorcycle.

Davis, also on the shoulder to avoid the backup, was dragged about 150 feet by the SUV.

The woman is now claiming that while she did reach down she didn’t look away. While it may be understandable that she had no intent to hit the rider, clearly her driving was highly dangerous. Reports had her weaving in and out of traffic earlier.

For the family of the rider, sympathy goes out as the case makes it through the criminal system. Their loved one should have been safe out on the road.


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    Hawaii passed a law banning cell phone use except hands free. The law actually makes it illegal to have a phone device in your hands. But not a charger. People are distratced by so many things while driving that it cannot be legislated I am afraid. We need more driver training and more responsibility among the public. This is a sad story. The guiy never had a chance.

  2. Daniel 8791 says:
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    This case should be the highest degree of gross misdemeanor IMO. Besides that, Wayne said it all.

  3. Mike Bryant says:
    up arrow

    Look around on the roads today, everyone is on the phone. This really does need to be looked at. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.