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Motorcyclists Deaths are Unfortunately Staying Up in 2012

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Thus far in 2012 there have been 26 deaths of motorcyclists as compared to 23 at this time last year. There were 7 in July alone. This is a cause for concern as we all ready past the record low of 24 in 1997. But there are many more riders. Experts have been pointing to increased gas prices, overall economics, and the advantages concerning parking as the reason for more riders. Others just point out the joy of getting out on the open road.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety numbers show 112,551 registered riders in 1996, 149,000 in 2002 and 224,625 in 2008 and there are more now more then 230,000.

A past Minneapolis Star Tribune editorial got a number of comments after it made the following suggestions to deal with the increase:

  • Increased training of new drivers.
  • More emphasis on sober riding.
  • The Increased use of safety equipment.
  • Drivers paying more attention on the roads.

The discussion about helmets dominated most of the responses. Clearly, this is one there may not ever be an agreement on, but as to the other suggestions, they really make a lot of sense. Every new driver needs to get the all important training that riding a motorcycle isn't like a bike or a car.

As a law firm that represents a large number of riders, we've seen the devastation caused by car/bike collisions. If we can go into the rest of the riding season with an eye to reducing vs. increasing the number of deaths it will make for a much better overall year.